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Level 2
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041-Mage09 So, you've manage to make it out of the first level? Impressive!

YOU: Thank you. I was teleported here. Can you explain to me why?

041-Mage09 You have managed to defeat the Undead thing, but a new foe has appeared.

YOU: What new foe?

041-Mage09 It is a Dragon from the Lands of Guijan.

YOU: And obviously you want me to destroy this Dragon.

041-Mage09 Beware! Many have tried, and none have yet returned. Those who aren't dead, still wander this maze. It will be in your interest to listen to them - providing they have not gone mad. I wish you good luck on your journey, son.

YOU: Any advice on how to begin?

041-Mage09 I once saw a young Wizard to your left, she may be of assistance.

YOU: Thank you.


Door_opened.png Door_opened.png