Mm1mage - Hello. Don't worry, I won't harm you.

YOU: I'm not afraid. The old dude told me that you would help me, can you?

Mm1mage - Certainly. It seems that the old dude acknowledges you as someone who is worthy of the Minus Maze Quest.

YOU: I suppose.

Mm1mage - Do you see the search bar to the top?

YOU: I see it. What about it?

Mm1mage - In rooms where you see such a bar, it means that you are able to use an item or weapon.

YOU: Cool. But how?

Mm1mage - Just add the name of the spell, weapon or item that you want to use right after the text of the box. Remember case sensitivity, so if I say something in non-caps, then type the spell in non-caps.

YOU: I see.

Mm1mage - If you are sent to a page that doesn't exist, simply press BACK.

YOU: so should I be on my way?

Mm1mage - You could be. But I want to help you further. There is a password only me and my superiors know about, though I only know the first part. If you tell it to them, maybe they will be able to tell you how to defeat the Dragon.

YOU: Ok.

Mm1mage - It is goos Maybe you should give the spell a try, remeber, type the room name eg. Minus Maze/Lv2/1/talk followed by /goos for this particular spell.

In room where you think that you should use this password, simply write goos next to the room name, in the box, and click "Action!"

Mm1mage - You can either try the spell, or simply click here to return to the room.