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Level 1
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Basic NavigationEdit

All rooms will contain four doors, to the top, bottom, left and right.

Door closed
Closed doors will look like this.

Door opened
Opened doors will look like this, just click on the door to go through. Once you've gone through a particular door, you can return to the previous room by simply clicking the door (hopefully its opened) in the direction of the previous room.


There are various characters within the maze that will try to help you; it will be in your interest to listen to them. Some will give you weapons and spells whereas others will simply point you in the right direction.

Monsters and TrapsEdit

There are certain room which contains monsters, in which case you are required to fight them off using a chosen weapon. Upon their defeat, monsters will re-opened doors that were previously locked to the user.

Weapons & SpellsEdit

Not all monsters can be defeated by the same weapon. Different monster types needs different weapons. To understand which weapon is strong against which monster, you need to re-visit the room from whence you've collected the weapon. Here you'll find the basics to using the weapons and their strengths.

To use a weapon or spell, simply use the search bar at the top and copy and paste the room name (you will find this at the top of the page, for example, this room name is Minus Maze/Help copy this and add that to the search bar followed by foward slash ( / ) and the command for the weapon or spell you want to use.

The second level is now completed. However, you can only get to that level if you've managed to complete the first.