The Questmaster's Guide


Style is very important in both playing and making a quest (wow, such a no-brainer, that).


  • Do play by the rules. If a page of a quest tells you that your character is supposed to do something, don't do a "superior" action. For example, if you already have a powerful spell, you don't have to use it when a weaker one will suffice, right?
  • Don't exhibit Poor Questsmanship by hitting your back button, unless a page tells you to do so or if you encounter a page that does not exist. It ruins the suspense and the quest as a whole.
  • Don't Cheat. Unless you're in charge of managing this site, you shouldn't have any good reason to cheat by searching for random terms/combinations in the search engine that might yield results, looking up all the pages in the quest category, looking up WhatLinksHere for a template that is included in every page of that quest, etc. That ruins the game. If you do that, what's the point in playing at all?


  • Don't exhibit Poor Questsmanship by making a quest that seems to have a solution but really doesn't, just to waste others' time. You're only wasting your own.
  • Don't ruin the game by making the solution too obvious or by giving players an overwhelmingly powerful or flexible ability. The exceptions will probably by invincibility (since players have the back button anyway), existence in a different dimension (hey, it's text-based), and teleportation (since there are hyperlinks after all).
  • Don't bore the players with repetitious or predictable material.
  • Don't fill up the stats by creating sets of pages with rarely anything different from those of another set. For example, don't make 30+ pages for characters without an item, and another 30+ nearly identical pages for those that do.
  • Don't break any rules such as taking copyrighted material or even ideas (use your own judgment, and be creative).