The Questmaster's Guide

Playing a quest

Playing a quest is fun, and success can be very thrilling. But it's not exactly "easy" (unless you're playing an easy quest).

The primary way of accomplishing a quest is by clicking on hyperlinks. You'll want to read the text, and look at any images, of course, if you hope to figure out how it all comes together. The more you explore, the better you will get to know a particular quest and its writing style.

You still need to have your wits about you, even though you can't "lose" and can simply press your browser's back button when you get stuck. There are a variety of different tricks that you'll discover as you gain experience with working with the quests you may find on this site. There are also plenty of riddles, strategies, puzzles, and, sometimes, unmotivated solutions, not to mention the common "monster"/"enemy".

Quests can take quite a while to solve. Sometimes, the best quests are the ones that don't ever come to an obvious endpoint, but they do have checkpoints. You may need to spend 15 minutes on some quests, while others may keep you pondering for an hour. You'll want to "save" your progress every once in a while or else you may get lost in the quest's naming conventions. At the top of each page, you'll see multiple tabs. Click on "watch", and then you can access that page again from "my watchlist" in the top right hand corner (that's why it's a good idea to log in).

If you find that you're in a maze (which is very likely), draw a map for yourself, complete with pathways, identifying "marks", unusual "discrepancies", and the article title/suffix you're on.

With that, it's time to begin! Choose a quest from Category:Quests.