The Questmaster's Guide

Making a quest

Think you're up to the challenge? If you've read the help manual or you know how to edit pages well (which isn't really all that hard to learn), and if you have had quite some experience with how the wiki system works, then you're ready to begin on the path to becoming a Questmaster.

Before you begin, though, be warned: making a quest is not easy. If you're not making the quest in a smart way (ie. keep it interesting for yourself as you're making it, for one), then you'll get bored halfway through and not finish (so start small, and use checkpoints that will make you want to finish your project one step at a time). It's about as hard as making a small or medium length story, unless you plan not to use much text.

Use descriptive text! Diction, imagery, suspense, characterization, dialogue... all those things which your English teacher may have taught you come in handy now. You want to make your quest interesting for adventurers.

There's also plenty of uploaded images which you can find by going to Special:Imagelist.

DO make a map for yourself so that you don't get lost yourself; this helps prevent incongruencies in your work. When you're done with the quest, hopefully you'll upload a digital map. If you do, please upload it at a checkpoint (see below).

Editing help opens in a new window when you click on "editing help" while editing a page (this link shows up close to the "save page" button).

Now, for making the quest itself, we can't give too much instruction other than use your head. That's what it's for. There are a variety of ways in which you can make your quest more complex, such as using the tabs, WhatLinksHere, information hidden inside images, image-links, use of the search bar, invisible text, and embedding into the search history, among others. If you can make your quest imaginative and "epic", then you have succeeded.


Some quests are small, and have one goal. Others are large, and require several steps. Each of these "ending points" is referred to as a Checkpoint. You'll want to note at a checkpoint that it really is a checkpoint, either implicitly or explicitly. They're a good place to start counting how many pages you have in that part of the collection, and maybe the place where you'll want to change a naming convention (especially if you're using "levels").

Want to give successful adventurers an award? On the checkpoint page, make it easy for adventurers who have gotten this far to add their name to the page or discussion page.