The Questmaster's Guide

Mission Statement

"This wiki will be about interactive fiction, which are collections of related pages that readers can go through, exploring and reading, and explore fiction as they go through it. (Such collections can be referred to as quests.) This wiki will be included in the Imagination hub on the central wikia." --User:Yunzhong Hou


Hi! Welcome to Quest, an ingenious, wiki-based approach to interactive fiction. (If you want to get background on that, check out: Interactive fiction, Hypertext fiction, and Choose your own adventure.) If you find simply reading a story to be rather bland, and would rather want to experience, at least to an extent, their events, then this is the site for you!

Give it a try

As this is after all a wiki, you can travel across the various pages in each collection (a "quest") via hyperlinks, as well as create your own adventures by editing or creating new pages. MediaWiki also offers a plethora of different tools for helping make your experience here smoother, and to give you more options with your work. Not so sure if this is the right activity for you? Give it a try--become an Adventurer! Then when you have had your share of fun and want to show off your own creativity and wit, you can become a Questmaster!


Currently, the Quest wikia is just started and very small, providing a very good reason why you should contribute. While you may not be able to collaborate with many others, you will be able to make a significant effect on the direction that the site takes.